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Halifax Theatrix  5pm Show - 30$+tax

Buy Your Early Show Tickets here

Halifax Theatrix 8pm Show - 30$+tax

Buy Your Late Show Ticket Here

You can also buy tickets here!


They can be purchased online through EventBrite! Use the above link to begin.

You can also purchase in person at inesS®


Halifax Pole Theatrix 2020 will take place at inesS®

1535 Dresden Row Suite 203

Halifax, NS

B3J 3T1

We are pleased to offer accessible seating at this venue.


This years event will have two separate shows with separate awards ceremonies.

Tickets can be purchased for each show individually.

This Early Show from 5-7pm will include these categories:



Jordi Segers, Kaitlyn Blatt-Janmaat, Molly Marcott, Kaylah Edwards



Samantha Finch, Molly Murphy, Clare Critchley, Jordan Gardiner, Ramona Pal-Kovacs, Ceilidh McCoombs



Lyndsey Paynter, Sam King,  Olivia Sobey, candice j prior



FREE  ATRIUM Performance Featuring BETWEEN SHOWS FROM 715-745pm


The Late Show from 8-10pm will include these categories



Kara Richardson, Jessica Judge, Natalie Thibert, Amanda Andrews, Kelsi Goodwin, Kat Grosvenor, Camellia Saunderson, Geena Morse, Katelyn Rowe



Krista Collier-Jarvis + Jill Hackett, Emilie Guitard + Angele Caissie, Chris Maclean + Ella Cormier



Connor Mackie,  Nicole Snow, Hilary Kate, Paige Northrup, Lexi Colpitts-Campbell


Presented by XPOLE and inesS®

We are very excited to partner with the CPFA and the Canadian Pole Fitness Championship for our 3rd annual competition! Our first place division winners for Pole Art, Aerial Hoop and Pole Doubles will receive a formal invitation to the 2020 Canadian Pole Fitness Championship in Toronto June 13 and 14th!


Thanks to our sponsors

Creatures of XIX, Supplement King, Pole Hearted, Tite Grip

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