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Congratulations to the

Winners of Halifax Theatrix 2019!


What a year!

We had athletes compete in pole amateurs, pole doubles,

pole comedy and our professional division; pole art A and B! 

Competitors hold their titles for one year and the first

place winners in Doubles, Comedy, and Art will be

invited back for Halifax Theatrix 2020 to defend their championship! 

Congratulations to the winners of Halifax Theatrix 2019:

Pole Amateur:

First Place: Christine Ausman

Second Place: Kristin Secord

Third Place: Juliana Dodd 

Pole Doubles:

First Place: Faith Flemming and Melissa Rutherford 

Second Place: Krista Jarvis-Collier and Jill Hackett

Third Place: Molly Marcott and Bana Helou

Pole Comedy:

First Place: candice j prior 

Second Place: Kristin Secord

Third Place: Molly Marcott 

Pole Art A:

First Place: Jasmine Mah 

Second Place: Katrina Grovesnor

Third Place: Talia Grunow

Pole Art B:

First Place: NaRae Lee

Second Place: Kara Richardson

NaRae Lee, winner of pole art,

has been invited to perform in

Spinning With the Stars 2019,

our annual charity event.

This event takes place at the Spatz Theatre

and raises money for the

Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia. 

InesS - Halifax Theatrix 2019-307.jpg
InesS - Halifax Theatrix 2019-616.jpg
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InesS - Halifax Theatrix 2019-612.jpg
InesS - Halifax Theatrix 2019-622.jpg
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