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Judges 2020


Véronique MacKenzie is a highly renowned choreographer whose work has been presented in festivals across Canada. Véronique is on faculty at the NSCAD University, Neptune Theatre School, The Fountain School of Performing Arts (Dalhousie University) and Halifax Dance. She is also a visual artist, and has been incorporating electronics, video, and computer imaging into her choreography.

Kristin Langille is pleased as punch to be performing tonight for SWTS alongside her friends and co-workers and especially her incredibley talented partner/star Catherine Richardson. Kristin is a circus performer from Halifax who has been performing for 10 years. She has been the head of aerials at Halifax Circus since it’s opening. Through HC, she has travelled and performed nationally and internationally, performing in Mumbai India and at the PPS Aerial Tournament where she placed 3rd in Dance Trapeze. Kristin teaches aerials at HC as well as at InEss and enjoys performing with Scout and AC every summer. Other than circus, she enjoys working as an actor, writer, stunt performer and mermaid with Halifax Mermaids. She hopes you enjoy the show!
Kyle Scott has a theatre degree and a degree in kinesilogy from Acadia University. He has 20 years of experience in national level sports; he was on the NS wrestling team for the Canada Games and the NS National team for rugby. Kyle is a founding member of Incendia Motus – the premiere fire-troupe in Atlantic Canada, and regularly instructs in our social outreach Circus Circle programs. He also runs our fire safety workshops, and tours his fire show every summer to Festivals across Canada and the US, from the Masters of Fire competition in Montreal to Burning Man in Nevada.
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Joy Ducharme has been a Pole Instructor at InesS since 2011, both teaching and training in the strength, core fitness and dance facets of this challenging sport.  Joy has competed regionally, nationally and internationally in the Doubles category for Pole Fitness, and received her judging certification through the Canadian Pole Fitness Association. Joy has judged Atlantic Regional competitions, Halifax Theatrix since its inception, and is greatly anticipating the amazing performances in the upcoming 2020 competition. Best of luck to all competitors! 


For Anneke, fitness has been a part of her life from an early age. As an adult Anneke spent 10 years serving in the Canadian Armed Forces as an Armoured Reconnaissance Soldier, in addition to becoming a licensed helicopter pilot. After participating in competitive sports and countless attempts at finding a traditional gym regime that she enjoyed, the search began to find something unique and - most decisively - fun! This search lead Anneke to the discovery of pole fitness is 2012. It can be said that she has never looked back since! This fitness and art form became her passion quickly, as she grew to explore all areas of aerial arts - and in as many continents as possible! Anneke loves to take her passion internationally, whether that be for training, competing, or earning teacher certifications. She has competed on both regional and international stages and has performed throughout the Maritimes. Her specialties and interests include dynamic and strength-based tricks, heel work, and flexibility training. Anneke is inspired and motivated to introduce others to the world of aerial arts and fitness!



Vanessa Furlong is a circus and physical theatre artist based in Halifax Nova Scotia. She specializes in clown and acrobatic stilt movement, as well as duo aerial dance. Vanessa received a degree in theatre and music performance from Bishops University, and has developed a unique approach to adaptive and mindful coaching and performance for the last two decades. Influenced by her work with non-­‐verbal communicators, she was drawn to how this affected her own approach to teaching, creating, and performing. Vanessa is the co-­‐founder of LEGacy Circus alongside Erin Ball. Legacy Circus is an award winning contemporary circus arts production company, specializing in inclusive and adaptive circus arts. They tour internationally with their production “The World At Our Feet”. 



Kyla Quinlan began her pole journey in 2010, and was a member of the instructor team at InesS for five years. With over 30 years of dance experience, Kyla has explored many styles of dance and has enjoyed incorporating most of them in pole choreography. Kyla is a graduate of the Triple Threat college program at Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts in Toronto. As a competitive pole athlete, Kyla has won titles regionally and nationally in both Doubles and Professional (solo) categories. Along with her partner Joy, she represented Canada in the International Pole Sports Championship in London, UK in 2013. She is looking forward to being part of Halifax Theatrix 2020 and watching the competitors share their passion through creative movement. 

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